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YBA Arceus X Script 2023 | One Shot Players Script

This is a really OP YBA Arceus X script witch can one-shot players. I will try to upload more of Your Bizzare Adventure Arceus X scripts, like an auto farm script.

For this script to work you must have the Magician’s Red stand and use Bakugo I can’t do a tutorial since I don’t have a stand, but please let me know in the comments if it doesn’t work anymore


How to exploit on mobile – https://freerobloxscripts.com/how-to-exploit-roblox/
More Arceus X Scripts – https://freerobloxscripts.com/roblox-mobile-scripts/

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  1. Can u make a script so u have a higher chance for good stands or so it farms for a stand u want and add esp for items

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