[ Working ] Shindo Life Infinite Spin Script 2022

shindo life infinite spins script

This is a working Shindo life infinite spin script GUI. It will help you a ton

--Version 0.3.1
--Update: Updated script 2/24/2022
--Put the script in autoexec if your exploit have it, free exploits don't usually.

Credits = [[
        This script actually is actually FREE! and it can be found by a faker who releases this script under their name
        without giving credits to me, and making people go through many ads to get it
        or even making it paid, but whole time its free, make sure you get it from the source!
        Where to buy: https://www.tech-brain.net/product-page/shinobi-life-2-infinite-spinning

        List of bloodlines and stuff is in the channel named #scripts-and-website, and many
        other steps on how to use the script correctly Discord Server: https://discord.gg/8KqTZVcfCP
        Myself, the real owner and the creator of this script is Tech Brain#0001
        If you got this from a fake, send their info to me at Tech Brain#0001 in the discord
        Discord Server: https://discord.gg/8KqTZVcfCP or discord.io/techbrain

function GetHttp(URL)
	local returning = nil
            returning = game:HttpGet(URL,true)
        if returning == nil then
            warn("Failed to get "..URL)
    until returning ~= nil
	return returning

got = GetHttp("https://gist.githubusercontent.com/TechyBrain/0cae69c69880daa4355e3c3a46191ae4/raw")

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