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[ BEST ] Weapon Fighting Simulator Script GUI 2023

Here are much newer Weapon Fighting Simulator Script GUIs – https://freerobloxscripts.com/2-weapon-fighting-simulator-script-guis/

This is a really good Weapon Fighting Simulator script that allows you to automatically do stuff that is boring and would take hours of grinding. You simply execute the script you can see how to do that here – How To Use Scripts when you have done that you will get a GUI with features such.

  • Auto Boss
  • Auto Boss Chest
  • Auto Tower
  • Auto Gamble
  • Auto Fuse
  • Misc Options (Disable effects, Hide claimed spells, Fast open gamepass)
  • Auto Attack NPC/chest
  • Change Farming Type (Walk, Teleport, Tween, Reach)

You can even leave the script overnight so you can play it in the morning and in the night let it grind while you are asleep



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