These universal Roblox scripts work for any game. Won’t work for some that have good anti-cheats like fly won’t work in BedWars.

If you want scripts for specific games then you should go to Roblox Scripts and browse all the scripts or search for a specific game

roblox fly script pastebin

Roblox Fly Script

_G.Speed = 10 --set your speed here


You can change the number 10 to a higher or lower number, depending if you want to fly faster or slower. This Roblox fly script is great for OBBY type games. Keep in mind might not work for games with advanced anti-cheat

Roblox Anti AFK Script

ca.Font=Enum.Font.SourceSansSemibold;ca.Text="Anti Afk",1,1)
ca.TextSize=22;da.Parent=ca,0.196078,0.196078),0,1.0192306,0),370,0,107)_b.Parent=da,0.176471,0.176471),0,0.800455689,0),370,0,21)_b.Font=Enum.Font.Arial;_b.Text="",1,1)_b.TextSize=20;ab.Parent=da,0.176471,0.176471),0,0.158377,0),370,0,44)ab.Font=Enum.Font.ArialBold;ab.Text="Status: Active",1,1)ab.TextSize=20;local bb=game:service'VirtualUser'
ab.Text="Roblox kicked you but we didnt let them!"wait(2)ab.Text="Status : Active"end)

This is a working Roblox Anti AFK script that will let you AFK in your favorite games for hours on end. It can be especially useful for games where you get something by doing nothing, so you can leave your PC and come back after a few hours with rewards in the game.

Universal Roblox Scripts

Roblox Infinite Jump Script

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()
roblox infinite jump script

This is a nice way to get around. I personally enjoy this Roblox infinite jump script more than flying, because you can kinda be more precise with it. I have used it in Obbys and it is fun to play around with it.

Roblox Jump Power Script

game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.JumpPower = 80 -- change number for different jump power

Roblox Walkspeed Script

game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = 80 -- Change number for different speed

Infinite Yield Script


This is the best admin script that includes all the local player features you will ever need and many more OP features for example there is a kill command witch kills a player, you need a TOOL for that. You can read more about Infinite Yield here – Infinite Yield Documentation. You can also check some tutorials on youtube on how to use the Infinite Yield Script

Universal Roblox Scripts

Roblox Auto Clicker Script

local VU = game:GetService("VirtualUser")
while wait(0.1) do -- You can change this to how fast as you want. --
roblox auto clicker script

This is a very useful Universal Auto Clicker script that will auto-click at your desired speed. When you are tabbed out, I think you can’t change where it will click, but if you are in-game you can position your mouse where you want to click.

It is a useful script, but there are scripts meant for specific games. For example, if you want to auto-click in Rebirth Champions X I recommend you to use a script like this – Rebirth Champions X Script 2023 it has many more useful features that will help you to advance faster, including auto rebirth, auto upgrade & more