List Of Roblox Injectors / Exploits

Here you will find the best Roblox Injectors free and paid. Roblox executors on here are being used by many people, they are the most popular ones. I have used most of these exploits like KRNL, Synapse, and Oxygen U. But these exploits are meant for computers and can’t be used on a mobile. That’s why I have also listed 2 Roblox exploits for mobile. Keep in mind they can’t execute most scripts made for PC executers. That’s why I also post – Mobile Scripts

If you are new to Roblox exploiting be sure to read – How to exploit Roblox & Safety

Free Roblox Exploits


Roblox electron executor

While the best exploit, Synapse X is down here comes the best replacement. Roblox Electron Exploit, works very well and can execute almost any script.

Roblox Electron Download


krnl roblox exploit download

Krnl Download

  • Best free Roblox injector
  • Annoying key system

Oxygen U

Oxygen U exploit

Oxygen U Download

  • Generally a good Roblox executor
  • Has a key system, but not as annoying as KRNL

Paid Roblox Injectors

Synapse X

synapse x exploit

Synapse X Download

  • Best Roblox exploit

Script Ware | Roblox Mac Exploit

roblox mac script executor

Script Ware Download

Roblox Mobile Exploits

Fluxus Exploit Android

Fluxus Mobile Exploit

Fluxus Download APK

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