Here you will find the best Roblox Injectors free and paid. Roblox Exploits on here are being used by many people, they are the most popular ones. I have used most of these Roblox Injectors like KRNL, Synapse, and Oxygen U. But these exploits are meant for computers and can’t be used on a mobile. That’s why I have also listed 2 Roblox mobile exploits. Keep in mind they can’t execute most scripts made for PC exploits. That’s why I also post – Mobile Scripts

If you are new to Roblox exploiting be sure to read – How to exploit Roblox & Safety

Free Roblox Exploits


krnl roblox exploit download

Krnl Download

  • Best free Roblox injector
  • Annoying key system

Oxygen U

oxygen u exploit download

Oxygen U Download

  • Generally a good Roblox executor
  • Has a key system, but not as annoying as KRNL

Paid Roblox Injectors

Synapse X

Synapse x exploit

Synapse X Download

  • Best Roblox exploit

Script Ware | Roblox Mac Exploit

roblox mac script executor
Image takes from since I don't have a mac

Script Ware M Download

Roblox Mobile Exploits

Kitten Milk

This is an up & coming mobile executor that is looking really promising and might be better than Arceus X. For now it’s still in beta and you can’t download it. 

Kitten Milk Executor Download

Arceus X Exploit

Do NOT use this exploit. It has proven to be a rat. It is the best mobile executor but just don’t use it.

Proof that it is a virus –

Script Ware IOS | Roblox IOS Exploit

This is the only valid IOS executor. It is paid but there are no other IOS exploits.

Script Ware IOS Download