2 Most OP Ro Ghoul Script GUIs 2022 | Best Auto Farms

ro ghoul script gui

These are the 2 best Ro Ghoul script GUIs they will help you a ton completing trainers or gaining reputation. Got level 60, 9.8mil YEN, 4mil RC in 20 minutes These scripts have features like:

  • Auto NPC Farm (Investigators, Humans, and Aogari Members)
  • Reputation Farm
  • Atuo Reputation Cashout
  • Auto Boss Farm
  • Auto Trainer
  • Auto Focus
  • Redeem Codes
  • Instant Kill
  • Hide Name

If you don’t know how to use this script you can have a look here – How To Use Scripts & Safety

Ro Ghoul Script GUI


Ro Ghoul Script Hack



  1. when I click on “Reputation Farm” – in the “Main” tab it says “Getting quest…” and it goes on endlessly! As a result, I get no reputation, no murders, no yen, nothing!

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