4 NEW Pet Simulator X Script GUIs | Auto Farm, Auto Egg, Dupe, Fuse, Visuals, Misc, Much More

5 pet simulator x script guis

These are 5 new and most OP Pet simulator x script GUIs. They can do so much and every GUI has different methods of auto farming so you can choose with one you will use.

If you don’t know how to exploit you can find tutorials here – https://freerobloxscripts.com/tutorials/

Project Meow HUB (With key)

To get the key you will have to join their discord server through the GUI and go to #?verify-here then click the checkmark and when you are done doing that you will see the channel #key

pet simulator x hack script

Shiny Tool HUB

This one maybe works only for Synapse X

pet simulator x script auto farm mobile

nullptr PSX HUB

pet simulator x script instant mine

Proxo HUB Pet Simulator X script GUI

pet simulator x script roblox

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