[New] Pet Simulator X Duping Methods | Pets & Gems

With script

I think it can be done only with synapse but here is how it is done
1. Find out you’re bank id with this script below


3. Put the bank id in the script below, in the 3rd line between “”

local args = {
    [1] = {
        [1] = "b7cf7193-3b14-4065-b51b-2ca4eaf976a0", -- bank id
        [2] = {},
        [3] = 90000000 -- gems amount

while true do
    if game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.Trading.Frame.Trade.Visible == true and game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.Trading.Frame.Trade.Notice.Text == '⌛ Trade confirming...' then
        workspace.__THINGS.__REMOTES:FindFirstChild("bank deposit"):InvokeServer(unpack(args))

4. Put in the number of gems you are trading in the 5th line after =
5. Spam execute before pressing ready and while being ready

Go to the bank and you will have the games u traded on the alt and in the bank

Without Script

  1. Get 2 alts
  2. Get them both in the same VIP (makes it easier) (if you don’t have VIP try on trading plaza)
  3. Invite your alt into the same bank
  4. Now deposit all the pets and gems you wanna dupe into the bank
  5. Get the bank GUI up on phone + PC
  6. Now at teh same time, withdraw the pets/gems you’ve selected
  7. If you’ve done all the steps above right, it should say “success” on both accounts
  8. Now you can’t actually have duped pets on the same server/bank, so transfer them to an alt


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