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This Build A Boat For Treasure script offers a lot of things for the tabs Included
> Autofarm
~ Autofarm Gold (Adv. Teleport, Adv tween, ** Shop
~Disable Item popup GUI
~Custom Amount to buy
~Every item you can buy from the shop that’s possible such as
~ Limiteds
~Block Packs
~ Mech
~ PV
~ And Much More!

> Teleports
~ CFrame teleports that teleports you to teams, the end
~ Teleportservice that teleports you to games that are events

> Misc
~ Random stuff that can be used here, nothing special

> Build
~ A restored version of both image loader (loader is broken use others)and auto builder by StenDirt
~ Our Own image loader
^^ Information is shown so you will understand step by step on how to do certain tasks

> Visual
~ Visual Gold Bars
~ 99999 of EVERY ITEM (every means EVERYTHING)
~ Disable Isolation Beams
~ Disable rock spawning (Checks every 60 seconds)
~ Delete most obstacles
~Visual Blocks

> Server
~Activators that activate a certain block
~OP functions like server crashers, we have multiple
~ Other things that are used to annoy people off

> Event
(Pair with our teleport services)
~ Automatically win certain Events
~ Summon Event Quests
~ More to be planned

> Modification
~ Humanoid modification, you know speed blah blah god mode
~ Get all tools for free (Some works)
~ Boat Modification, modifies the speed of boats
~Water Conveyor Speed

> Settings
~ Things that can be helpful through your exploiting experience such as
~Remove trees
~And much more QoL things!

Build A Boat For Treasure Script

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