Jenga script auto win

Jenga Script 2023 | Auto Win, Remove Objects & More

Jenga Script Hack Features

  • Fly
  • Auto End (don’t use in spectate mode)
  • no kill brick
  • remove objects
  • admins

How to use Jenga scripts

If you don’t know how to use the Jenga script hack below here is what you have to do

  1. Pick an exploit from this page – Roblox Injectors/Exploits (Free & Paid)
  2. Download the exploit you chouse
    When downloading be sure your antivirus is off. But why? All exploits will show up as viruses but they are not harmful. Read more in-depth about why Roblox exploits are showing up as viruses – How To Use Roblox Scripts & Safety
  3. Open it
  4. When you open the game press Inject or Attach
  5. Paste in the Script
  6. Press Execute
  7. That’s it, you can now enjoy the Jenga script GUI

By any chance, if you still don’t understand something or you are having problems there are video tutorials here – How To Use Roblox Scripts or you can join my discord server and ask for help – Discord Server

Jenga Script

jenga script gui pastebin
--[[ Brought to you by ]] 
local Library = loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))()local Window = Library.CreateLib("Jenga-Destroyer", "Midnight")local Main = Window:NewTab("Main")local MainSection = Main:NewSection("Main")MainSection:NewButton("End Game", "Only do it when your on Towers team!", function()game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame =, 99.9999771118164, -18.305282592773438)end)MainSection:NewButton("NoKillBrick", "Removes the maps killbricks.", function()game.Workspace.Map.Classic.KillBrick:Destroy()end)MainSection:NewButton("Remove Objects", "Removes the objects thrown by the Destroyer.", function()game.Workspace.Projectiles:Destroy()end)MainSection:NewButton("Fly", "It makes you fly..", function()loadstring(game:HttpGet((''),true))()end)MainSection:NewButton("Reset", "Resets your character.", function()game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character["Head"]:Destroy()game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character["HumanoidRootPart"]:Destroy()end)local Admins = Window:NewTab("Admins")local Admins = Admins:NewSection("Admins")Admins:NewButton("IY", "Infinite Yeild.", function()loadstring(game:HttpGet(''))()end)Admins:NewButton("Fates admin", "Fates Admin.", function()loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))();end)local Credits = Window:NewTab("Credits")local Credits = Credits:NewSection("Credits")Credits:NewLabel("Made by Jasp3r#8074")Credits:NewLabel("This will not be getting updated just saying.")

Credit – Jasp3r#0874

In case a script is not working be sure to comment that it is not working and include the exploit you are using.

Would be nice to know what you think about the Jenga hack script so be sure to rate it below. If you have a script you want to post on this website, you can post it here – Post A Scrip

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