Jailbreak Autofarm Script GUI | 2 Auto Farm Scripts For Jailbreak

jailbreak autofarm script

These are 2 really OP Jailbreak script GUI’s. One is an auto arrest script and the other one is a auto rob script. both of these can make you so much cash. The auto arrest script has a server hop when you arrest all the people above 200 bounty so if you are using KRNL you have to put the script in auto exec how to do that?

Open KRNL and paste the auto arrest script in there, after you finish, click Save File at the bottom of the app and go to the autoexec folder (it’s in the folder where KRNL is, name your file whatever you want and click Save/Press Enter. Then in KRNL, go to options and press auto attach. There you go now it will auto attach and execute the script when the script hops servers.

Auto Arrest Script


Auto Rob Script GUI



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