How to Exploit Roblox & Safety

By reading this page you will understand how to exploit Roblox with mobile or PC. As well as some safety tips so you don’t get any viruses while trying to download exploits or get scripts. This tutorial page will cover the process from downloading to using Roblox scripts. 

How To Exploit Roblox on PC

Before you download anything be sure to read the Safety Tips

  • Pick a Roblox executor from this page – List Of Exploits
  • Choose based on the –
    Operating system and if you want to pay for an exploit
  • Download it
    anti-virus has to be turned off. Why? Read Safety Tips
  • Once Roblox and the Roblox Injector are open. Press Inject/Attach
    Depends what exploit you choose. For KRNL you have to press the plugs, for Synapse you press attach button
  • Paste in the script you want to use
  • Press execute
    again depends what exploit you choose. For KRNL you press the play button for Synapse Execute
That’s it. Hope everything is working for you. If something is not working or you don’t understand something be sure to ask for help on my Discord Server

How To Use Roblox Scripts On Mobile

  • Pink a Roblox Exploit from this page – List Of Exploits
  • Go to the Roblox Kitten Milk download page
  • Download it
  • Open 
  • Choose which game you want to exploit in
  • Go to the Execution tab
  • Paste in the script you copied
  • Press execute

that’s it. It Is really simple to use it. If you need a script for mobile exploits you should have a look here – Mobile Scripts

Video Tutorials

Coming soon

Roblox Exploiting Safety

Here I will tell you what not to do when looking for Roblox scripts and how to safely download exploits

Why Roblox Exploits Show Up As Viruses

All working exploit executors contain “DLL” files or Dynamic-Link library files. These are used to “inject” the Lua scripts into Roblox, which your antivirus might identify as a file trying to modify/steal data from Roblox or other applications. 

Here is the tricky part, all exploits will show up as viruses. Some exploits actually can be harmful viruses. The best thing to do to avoid getting harmful viruses on your pc is –

  1. Never download from sketchy YouTube videos
    For example – ”Synapse X Cracked Download”
  2. Only use the most known exploits, that are trusted.
    Like: Synapse X, KRNL, Oxygen U, and Script Ware.
  3. Be sure you are downloading an exploit from the official website, not some knockoff. 
roblox exploit download
Example what to look out for

How to safely get scripts

Of course, you can get tons of the best scripts for many games here on this website, with no pop-up ads, or Linkvertise links. On our website, you will be able to copy scripts in 1 click. 

You can’t get viruses from the script itself, the safest option to get scripts is simply copying it, but if there is a download-only option then here is how to know it’s safe to download

  1. Only if it is a .lua or .txt file

That’s the only thing to look out for. There are YouTube videos that will make you download .exe files which will contain viruses

how to use roblox scripts mobile
how to exploit roblox

Here is an example of what you Should NOT touch. You see a password so you will have to extract something and once you do you will see a .exe file and DLL files.

People who make these videos steal youtube channels and upload scripts showcasing videos that they steal as well and put a link to ”scripts” which are viruses.

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