By reading this page you will understand how to exploit in Roblox as well as some safety tips so you don’t get any viruses while trying to download exploits or scripts. This tutorial page will cover the process from downloading to using Roblox scripts. 

How To Use Mobile Exploits

Go to this page – List Of Exploits and at the bottom, you will find a link to the Arceus X download page. Delete Roblox and download Arceus X, once you have downloaded it, that’s pretty much it. You just have to open the Arceus X exploit, get the key, choose a game, and get a script from this page – Arceus X Scripts. Once you have the script copied press the Arceus X icon when you are in a Roblox game. Go to the Executor tab, paste in the script, and last but not least press Execute.

How To Use Roblox Scripts on PC

So the first thing you need to do is choose an exploit from this page – A list of exploits. If you want a free one I recommend KRNL, if you want a paid one I recommend Synapse (I am using Synapse) When you know which one you want to use, go to the download page and download it. Your antivirus has to be turned off, if it’s on then the antivirus will keep deleting the executor/DLL if it doesn’t delete it, it just won’t work. I get that you might think that it’s a harmful virus but here is an explanation of why windows defender thinks it’s a virus

All working exploit executors contain “DLL” files or Dynamic-Link library files. These are used to “inject” the Lua scripts into Roblox, which your antivirus might identify as a file trying to modify/steal data from Roblox or other applications. 

Of course, some exploits really are harmful viruses but that’s why I recommend you to download exploits from my website or other trusted sources, never download from youtube videos or pages that say “Synapse X Cracked” or something along the lines. So always download only TRUSTED exploits, like KRNL, Synapse, etc. The exploits I have listed here are used by many people and these are the most known and trusted exploits. 

So when that’s out of the way. Once you have downloaded the exploit you choose, launch it. When you open the injector, Roblox has to be open to Attach or Inject. So when you inject/attach (it will be different from exploit to exploit) you can paste in the script (doesn’t matter if you paste it in before injecting or after injecting) and then execute. That’s it, it’s that simple. Here is an image that will help you use exploits. Exploit on top is KRNL and exploit on the bottom is Synapse X.

how to use roblox scripts

Exploiting Safety

Most basic stuff about exploiting safety.

Never download scripts from videos that description looks like this or close to this

how to exploit in roblox
how to use roblox hacks
Download page from this video
how to use roblox scripts on mobile
Clearly a virus

So DON’T download scripts from zip files or rar files. They will always be viruses, but it is really easy to spot. Usually, the GUI in the thumbnail doesn’t match the videos GUI (the videos and thumbnails are always stolen) and when you unzip the file it will not be a .txt it will be some .exe you have to launch and that is a virus. It is safe only if you copy scripts or download .txt format or .lua format


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