If you don’t know how to exploit go to How To Use Scripts

On this page, you can find the best exploits free and paid only safe ones and the most known. There is a Roblox exploit for mobile as well.

Free Exploits


krnl download
KRNL Download Links –

https://krnl.ca/ (With bootstrapper)
https://wearedevs.net/d/Krnl (With zip folder)

How To Use KRNL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVlmBi9XLRQ

Positives & Negatives

You have to get a key every 24h to use it and to get the key you have to go through 4 Linvertase links which are really annoying. But It is the best free exploit

Oxygen U

oxygen u download
Download Link –


Positives & Negatives

It’s a good exploit, you have to go only throught 2 linkvertise links every 20h.

Paid Exploits


roblox exploits
Download Link –


Postives & Negatives

Only positives for this one. Simply the best exploit you can get. Runs all scripts (that are not patched ofc). Ben using it for like 2 years and I’m very happy with it.

Script Ware (for MacBook)

Image taken from https://script-ware.com/m bc I don’t have a Mac
Download Link


Positives & Negatives

I have never used it but it is the best exploit for Mac users

Mobile Exploit

Arceus X

arceus x download
Download Link


Positives & Negatives

It is a bad exploit but for Mobile it is the best one. Can’t execute many scripts only onec made for Arceus X