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Electron Exploit – Execute Roblox Scripts Safely

You have probably noticed that popular exploits like Synapse and KRNL are for now not working. That is because Roblox has fully released Byfron ani-cheat. But you can still exploit Roblox on mobile and through the Microsoft store. Here is how you can do that

Electron Exploit

Electron is a safe exploit that you can use to “bypass” Byfron. This is what you have to do – simply download Electron, all steps below. It has been out for a long time and has a good reputation.

execute roblox scripts safely

How To Use Electron

  • Go to the Electron website and download the exploit
  • Extract it and launch Electron.exe
  • Once it is open press the get key button
  • insert your key
  • Open Roblox in the Microsoft Store and launch a game
  • Press Attach
  • Paste in a script you choose and press execute

Now you can enjoy your favorite scripts using Electron while exploits like KRNL and Synapse are down.

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