roblox blox fruits script gui

Roblox Blox Fruits Script GUI | Makuro HUB

This is an updated Blox Fruits script GUI hack called Makuro HUB. This script has so much to offer it’s crazy. You can auto-farm anything in the game. Devilfruits, skills, level, and much more. And the auto farms are really efficient and I think it’s really rare to get banned from it since I’m at level 1400 and still nothing and got that level only by auto farming all day for like a week

Script Features

  • Auto Farm Level
  • Auto Factory
  • Auto Third Sea
  • Auto Observation
  • Auto Superhuman
  • Auto Buy
  • Auto Farm Mastery
  • Auto Farm Boss
  • Auto Stats
  • Teleport
  • Player Options (like auto kill players)
  • ESP-Raid
  • Devilfruit
  • Misc

Mukuro HUB

roblox blox fruits script hack gui


If you don’t know what to do with this Blox Fruits script GUI above then you can read or watch tutorials on how to use the script here – How To Exploit & Safety

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