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Anime Clicker Simulator Script GUI 2023 | Best Script For Anime Clicker

In Roblox Anime Clickers Simulator you will click a ton to get as many clicks as possible. When you do, you’ll be able to offer these to your anime-themed companions, which will help you get more clicks! You can then respawn to earn Yen, which will give you the option to further upgrade your character. Keep getting hits to unlock new worlds and get more powerful pets. See if you can reach the top of the leaderboards!

These are some of the best Anime Clicker Simulator scripts working in 2023. With these scripts, you can reach the top of the leaderboards. The auto farms are insanely fast, there are many features like Auto click, Auto buy an egg, teleport, auto-upgrade, auto collect drops, auto kill bosses, and more.

The universal auto clicker is – here. You just have to press the key “F” (you can change it) while your mouse is in the position where you want to click. It is useful since the auto click GUI doesn’t click the button so when there is 1.1x you will not be clicking but with the auto-clicker, you will be clicking. I love these Anime Clickers Simulator scripts so much. You can just auto-farm all day and get super-rich

Be sure to check out other scripts as well since I post daily and with no Third-party website like Linkvertise.

Anime Clicker Simulator Script (Pepsi HUI)

anime clicker simulator script

Shiny Tool GUI

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