Sonic Speed Simulator script guis

4 Sonic Speed Simulator Script GUIs

These are so far the best Sonic speed Simulator script GUIs. They can do so much to help you progress fast in the game. You will get high step counts and first rebirths in a matter of minutes. These scripts even have features like unlocking all worlds and completing all Obbys which is pretty cool. All the features this script offers are listed down below. This game is a massive hit so you will probably soon see some really OP Sonic speed simulator script guis.


  • Auto Step
  • Auto Rebirth
  • Auto Collect
  • Auto Bank Rewards
  • Unlock All Worlds
  • Complete All Obbys
  • Unlock All Characters
  • Auto Join Race
  • Auto Collect Chests
  • Server Options

How to use Roblox scripts

If you don’t know how to use the scripts below here is what you have to do

  1. Pick an exploit from this page – List Of Exploits (Free & Paid)
  2. Download the exploit you chouse
  3. Open it
  4. When you open the game press Inject or Attach
  5. Paste in the script
  6. Press Execute
  7. That’s it, you can enjoy the script

If you still don’t understand something or are having problems there are video tutorials here – How To Exploit or you can join my discord server and ask for help – Discord Server

What is Sonic Speed Simulator

It is a Roblox game based on Sonic where you run and collect rings and XP boosters, by doing that you can get faster and unlock new areas, characters, trails, and other cool stuff.

Sonic Speed Simulator Script Auto Step

--> Declarations <--
local FastCFrame =,0,0)
local OldNamecall = nil

--> Main <--
OldNamecall = hookmetamethod(game, '__namecall', function(self,...)
    local args = {...}
    local method = getnamecallmethod()
    if tostring(self) == 'UpdateCharacterState' and method == 'FireServer' then
        args = {
            [1] = {
                ['Character'] = game:GetService('Players').LocalPlayer.Character,
                ['CFrame'] = FastCFrame,
                ['IsRunning'] = true
        for i = 1,100 do
            return self.FireServer(self, unpack(args))
    return OldNamecall(self,...)

--> Loops <--
    FastCFrame = FastCFrame +,10,10)

Sonic Speed Simulator Hack Auto Get Rewards

local allah = 0

for i = 1,9 do
    allah = allah + 1

Hades HUB

sonic speed simulator hack script
loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Credit – Sedahades#3101

Sonic Speed Simulator Script GUI

sonic speed simulator script arceus x
loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Credit – Babyhamsta

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