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2 Zombie Uprising Script GUIs | Best Scripts Ever

Combined, these 2 Zombie Uprising script GUIs will help you progress in the game really fast. There are features like aimbot and trigger bot which combined will allow you to only hold Right click and it will auto shoot the zombies. In the next paragraph I have explained how to automatically hold the right click if you don’t want to hold it manually. But hopefully 6Foot4Honda will fix the Kill Zombies feature.

You can completely AFK maps, but then you will have to install a macro recorder because on the 6Foot4Honda’s HUB Kill Zombies is patched. Maybe he will fix it in the future but for now, you can just use the macro recorder. Don’t know what to do with the Macro Recorder? Well, you can just record a macro of you holding Right Click, and then when you play the macro you can find a safe spot and leave it to run, so you auto-kill zombies.

If you will use the macro recorder only thing you will have to do is press the play button when a new map is selected

Zombie Uprising Script Hack Features

  • Kill Zombies
  • Auto Hide Names
  • Auto Collect Powerups
  • No Reload
  • Auto Buy
  • Auto Open
  • Auto Prestige
  • Auto Care Package
  • Auto Revive Self
  • Auto Revive People
  • ESP
  • Local Player Options
  • Aimbot
  • Trigger Bot
  • Auto Upgrade Guns

How to use Zombie Uprising scripts

If you don’t know how to use the Zombie Uprising script hacks below here is what you have to do

  1. Pick an exploit from this page – Roblox Injectors/Exploits (Free & Paid)
  2. Download the exploit you chouse
    When downloading be sure your antivirus is off. But why? All exploits will show up as viruses but they are not harmful. Read more in-depth about why Roblox exploits are showing up as viruses – How To Use Roblox Scripts & Safety
  3. Open it
  4. When you open the game press Inject or Attach
  5. Paste in the Script
  6. Press Execute
  7. That’s it, you can now enjoy the Zombie Uprising script GUIs

By any chance, if you still don’t understand something or you are having problems there are video tutorials here – How To Use Roblox Scripts or you can join my discord server and ask for help – Discord Server

6Foot4Honda HUB | Zombie Uprising Script GUI

zombie uprising script aimbot

I don’t recommend using No Reload. At first it works but after a round it glitches out and when you shoot zombies they don’t take damage

--[[ Brought to you by freerobloxscripts.com ]] 

zombie uprising script pastebin 2023

Same script, but in Pastebin

Credit – 6Foot4Honda, Kiriot22, Wally, Inori

Rox HUB | Zombie Uprising Hack Script | Key System

zombie uprising script pastebin 2023

If it doesn’t work then you will have to get a new key from their Discord server once you are there you will have to verify yourself, all the instructions are on the Discord server.

--[[ Brought to you by freerobloxscripts.com ]] 
pcall(function()Rox_Hub = trueloadstring(game:HttpGet("https://gist.githubusercontent.com/HaxxV1/d7cfdb5090e819a84a8db22fb113f39d/raw"))()end)

new zombie uprising script pastebin

Same script, but in Pastebin

Credit – Claudiocelular & Cirilix#2464

In case a script is not working be sure to comment that it is not working and include the exploit you are using.

Would be nice to know what you think about the Zombie Uprising hack script so be sure to rate it below. If you have a script you want to post on this website, you can post it here – Post A Scrip

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